New high Impact Publication by researcher at Koya University

Dr Shwan Rachid, Dean of Faculty of Sciencs and Health (FSCH) and his co-authors have published new article in Chemical Science Journal on Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), particularly the omega-3 long-chain PUFAs (LC-PUFAs) eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoi

Scientific writing of research papers and Ethics in Scientific Work

Prof Nadhir Al-Ansari from Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering at Lulea University of Technology in Sweden, hold three day leatures and workshop on “Scientific writing of research papers and Ethics in S

Best Practice at our universities workshop

Duhok University’s hosted an event for public universities across Kurdistan region to share their best practice in developing public and international relations as well as management. 

The event was joined by Universities such as Zaxo, Duhok, Soran, Koya and representative of ministry of higher education. It included Presentations:

DAAD Erbil delegation visit to Koya University

On Wend 4th of Dec 2013 the German educational delegation including DAAD acompanied by Dr. Amanj Saeed were warmly welcomed by President Prof K.M. Hawrami, Vice presidents Dr D.M. Rostam and the dean of Koya University Faculties. The delegation discussed the strategies and plans o engage with higher education institute in Kurdistan Region. They also met with students at Koya Universi English Language Centre KUELC.

A Marathon at Koya University

Under the supervision of Koya University President, Koya University Prepared a 5 Kilometres Marathon for students, Employees and Instructors of Koya University. The Race started right in Hamamok Resort heading to Koya University Park. After reaching the final point of race, top racers were awarded by Koya University Vice presidents along with deans of the faculties.

Natural gas sweetening process simulation and optimization

Mr. Ribwar Abdulrahman from Petrochemical Engineering Dep at Koya University with his co-author has published an article in Journal of Natural Gas Engineering, on Sicence Direct.

1st International Conference on Petroleum and Mineral Resources

The first International Conference on Petroleum and Mineral Resources was held in Kurdistan, Iraq, organised by Koya University and the Wessex Institute of Technology, UK. The Kurdistan region of Iraq is rich in oil, gas and mineral resources as well as underground water. Until recently the political and security sintuation did not allow to take advantage of these resources. 

Synthetic Biotechnology to Study and Engineer Ribosomal Bottromycin Biosynthesis

Dr Shwan Rachid and his co-author has published a new article in Chemistry & Biology, Volume 19, Issue 10, 1278-1287, 27 September 2012. The new publication covers Bottromycins which represent a promising class of antibiotics binding to the therapeutically unexploited A-site of the bacterial ribosome.

The University

Koya University is located in the city of Koya (Koysinjaq), which is 1.0 hr drive to the East of the Kurdistan Region capital Erbil (Arbil, Hewlér) in Kurdistan Region of F.R. Iraq. It is on the foothills of beautiful high mountain. Its campus has been carefully laid out to embrace the beautiful mountainous nature. 

Dr. Amanj Saied from MHE met with HCDPs

At the request of HCDP candidates and in cooperation with the Assistant of Koya University President for Scientific and Higher Education Affairs, on 19-2-2012 at 10 am, Dr. Amanj Saied from Ministry of Higher Education visited presidency of Koya University where he met with HCDP candidates to know their problems and difficulties.


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