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SEED Making Progress in Education and Training for MHPSS Professionals

Just over a year has passed since SEED and Koya University opened the 

Int. Conference on Pure and Applied Science

Image result for Conference on Pure and Applied Science2018 International Conference on Pure and Applied Science (ICPAS 2018) is organized annually by the Faculty of Science and Health at Koya University on April 23rd and 24th 2018 with support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kurdistan Region-Iraq. the ICPAS 2018 has the doi: 10.14500/icpas2018. Start here to submit a paper to this conference: STEP ONE OF THE SUBMISSION PROCESS

Koya University Int Workshop on Gas Flares Feb 2018

Image result for Kirku gasGas flares provide for safe emergency release of purged or waste gases from refineries, unrecoverable gases from oil wells, blast furnaces gases, coke oven gases, and waste gases from chemical plants. Flares also process waste gases from sewage digesters, coal and bio-mass gasifiers and fertilizer plants.

The First Training Program of the Mental Health Support Service Completed

On Sunday November 19th 2017, the trainees’ graduation ceremony of the first training program of the Mental Health and Psychological Support Service held at the Presidency Building of Koya University. The ceremony was held with the presence of the US General Consul to Erbil Ken Gross, the head of the SEED Foundation and the Council Member of Koya University. At the beginning, Ms.

2017 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF)

Image result for 2017 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF)A team of Fulbright Exchange Program Alumni from Koya University won a grant within the competition “ 2017 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF)” which is amongst the “ U.S. Embassy Grants Program “. The team were consist of: Mr. Peshawa J. Muhammad Ali, a lecturer from department of software engineering, Koya University, Dr. Hamid Abdulsalm from Spring International Language Center, Koya University, and the retired professor of Koya University Dr. Hamid Muhammad Jassim (currently working at UKH).

Koya University student built a surveillance drone

A student of fourth stage in Manufacturing Engineering at our university has made a drone, which can be used in the fields of Agriculture, Media, Military and many other fields. 

Shvan Hakim, senior student of Manufacturing Engineering Department at the faculty of Engineering- Koya University, has made a small drone with some outstanding features that can be highly advantageous for Kurdish community as a product of a Kurdish student. 

Behar English Language Center (BELC) is opened

Behar English Language Center (BELC) at Koya University has been opened with the sponsorship of IREX and American embassy in Baghdad as well as with the support of Spring International Language Center of The University of Arkansas. Directly after its inaugurations, the BELC starts its English language courses. 

EIOGI 2017 International Conference

International Conference on Environmental Impacts of the Oil and Gas Industries: Kurdistan Region of Iraq as a Case Study in April 17-19, 2017: EIOGI 2017 Conference.

Koya University organizes its 2nd international conference on petroleum in 2017 with scientific sponsorship of IEEE and official support from the ministry of higher education and scientific research of the Kurdistan Region (KRG). Having more than 45 billion barrels of oil and 200 trillion cubic feet of proved gas reserves, the Kurdistan region distinguishes itself as a key oil and gas source in the Middle East. The oil and gas development activities in the region have been increased rapidly over the past ten years; therefore, the environmental protection became more and more important.

Advanced GIS Lab Opened at Koya University

In the presence of the President and Vice-presidents of Koya University, the laboratory was formally opened on Thursday, Jan. 5th, 2017. This lab is highly specialized in cartography and GIS in the department of Geography from Faculty of Education

Webometrics Ranked Koya University as the Top KRG University

Webometrics is ranking the World universities according their presence on the Web. In the new announced ranking of the world universities by Webometrics on July 31st 2016 Koya University has been ranked as the top university in Kurdistan Region. This great achievement comes after years of dedicating academic community that embraced a pioneering strategic planning of a student centred e-Smart university. This has led to a better valued academic visibility with a global perspective in mind. The road map has been layout in a 10 years strategic planning starting early 2012 and the results are revealing greater success in the horizon.  


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