Koya University Council

The Koya University Council (KUC) of Koya University is a purposeful and largely representative forum which exists to consider the activities of the University in all its phases, with particular attention to the educational objectives of the University and those matters that affect the common interests of faculty, staff and students. It may recommend general policies. It is authorised to initiate policy proposals as well as to express its judgment on those submitted to it by the administrative officers of the University and its various academic divisions. It is also empowered to request information through appropriate channels from any member of the University administration.

Membership of KUC requires a readiness to attend meetings of the Council regularly and to participate fully in its business. It is the continuous obligation of the members of the KUC to report to the members of their constituencies about the discussions, the decisions, and recommendations of the KUC and to solicit questions and suggestions for presentation to the KUC.


The Koya University Council Members

Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad
Office of President

Assistant Prof Dr. Haidar Lashkary
Vice President for Scientific Affairs
Office of V.P. for Scientific and Postgarduate Affairs

Assistant Prof. Dr. Rostam Salam Aziz
ice President for Student Affairs
Office of V.P. for Student Affairs

Assistant Prof. Dr. Mohammed Haseeb S. Zangana
Member of the Council
Dean of Faculty of Enguneering (FENG)

Member of the Council


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