Koya University Signed A MOU With The President Jalal Talabani Foundation

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Koya University and President Jalal Talabani Foundation to advance their collaboration and strengthen their relationship.

A Workshop On Research For Fourth Grade Students Was Held

The Department of English Language, Faculty of Education, Koya University, held a workshop on the research projects of the department's fourth-year students under the subject matter "Building Bridges between University and Community through Scientific Research."

Subjects and References Of Physics For Diploma, Master, and PhD Examination

Subjects and References Of Medical Physics For Diploma, Mater, and PhD Examination.

Subjects and References Of Medical Microbiology Department For Diploma, Master, and PhD Examination

Subjects and References Of Department of Medical Microbiology  Faculty of Science and Health  For Diploma, Master, and PhD Examination

At Koya University a Workshop on "Cancer Follow Up" was Held

A workshop on medical practices for cancer follow-up, identification, and treatment was held by the faculty of medicine at Koya University in association with TAKVIN Organization for Development and Humanitarian Aid. The workshop was titled "Cancer Follow Up."

A workshop on the Risks and Safety of (LPG) was held at Koya University

In collaboration with Dana Gas Company and Taq Taq Operating Company (TTOPCO), Department of Petroleum and Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Koya University organized a workshop themed "LPG Heating System, Risks and Safety" at the workshop hall of the Faculty of Engineering.


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