Advanced GIS Lab Opened at Koya University

In the presence of the President and Vice-presidents of Koya University, the laboratory was formally opened on Thursday, Jan. 5th, 2017. This lab is highly specialized in cartography and GIS in the department of Geography from Faculty of Education

The Lab is Important 

The head of Geography department, Dr. Nali Jawad says, “This is the first lab of its kind to be opened across the departments of Geography in Kurdistan region.” 

“This lab was a contemporary requirement for our university, as we can now implement many significant projects owing to the presence of this high-quality lab; including empirically engage in cartography subjects, practically studying the subjects of Geography Information System (GIS) and training students how to use it,” he further added. 

Dr. Nali continued and said, “It is a great opportunity to point out that this lab is the foundation of a big and continuous project. It is true that we have been able to create a lab and provide it with staff and needed devices to make it ready to be used; but we plan to continue and aim at making the lab to be a huge center of Geography Information System through which we can develop academic and diligent people in the field of cartography, and to develop maps and mapmaking in Kurdistan.” 

  • Nali Jawad Hamad 
  • Head of Geography Department 
  • Academic Title: Instructor, his major is Geomorphology 
  • Numbers of Scientific Research: has carried out seven scientific research 
  • He participated, with a research, in an international conference in Turkey on the Environment of Kurdistan. For further information, click here. 

What does GIS do? 

Zana Fatah Ali, an expert in GIS, says, “This program has been studied at Koya University since 2006, and its mission is to organize all the available data and information in order for us to set plans for a location easily and appropriately.” 

“If we want to organize the number and locations of schools at the level of a city, we can make use of this program to get information regarding the areas where many schools exist and where schools should be established; this program will be of great help to give us the accurate information and measures,” he noted. 

  • Zana Fatah Ali 
  • Academic Title: Assistant Instructor 
  • Major: Urban Geography 
  • Numbers of Published Research: one, he has been Koya University Instructor for almost one year. For further information, click here. 

GIS is not the subject studied solely in Geography, but also in departments of Petrol, Geotechnical, Geology, Architecture and many other departments. 

Department of Geography (DGEO) 

The Department of Geography at Koya University offers an excellent environment to study Geography and its applications. It is one of the nine departments making up the Faculty of Education. The Department of Geography is one of the pillars of the Faculty of Education at Koya University, which was founded in the academic year 2004-2005 due to the university's keenness to meet the accelerating needs of the community in various fields. The department of Geography (DGEO) aims to develop highly trained and professional Geographers that Kurdistan region very much needs for the process of development. The vision of Geography department is to achieve national and international recognition in research and training students for meeting the challenging needs of industry and society. The department will become the students’ choice in Kurdistan and the region for seeking a high quality program with individualized attention in a high learning environment, which is also another goal we want to reach in future. 

For further information, click here. 

Currently, there are 250 students, who study in the department of Geography; students of the first stage make use of the lab for cartography and the third year students for GIS, 110 students are there.

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