A delegation of Koya University is visiting the USA

The Koya University delegation, which consists of the President of Koya University and the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, is in the US in order to hold several meetings with some academic institutions there.

Discussing shared projects,

The Koya University delegation arrived in the US after the 25th of February. The delegation which is composed of Assistant Professor Dr Wali M. Hamad the Koya University President and Dr Muhammed Haseeb Zangana the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering made their first visit on February 27th 2017 to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. "

The Koya University President Dr Wali M. Hamad stated that “on the same day, we visited the Chemical and the Biochemical Engineering Lab there and met Professor Dr Mithani Alduhan as well as discussed the final stage of our shared research project between the Koya University and the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

On the 28th of February, the Koya University delegation arrived at the Presidency of the Missouri University of Science and Technology at 10 am and the delegation were warmly welcomed by the presidency of the host university. 

Signing a memorandum between the two universities 

After a thorough discussion in the meeting about signing a memorandum between the two universities, they finally signed it. 

The Koya University President states that “the memorandum was signed with the presence of Professor Dr Mithani Alduhan and Mr. William Elliot the director of intellectual and international affairs as well as Mr. Robert Morgan the director of the programs in the directorate of the intellectual and international affairs. 

He also adds that “by signing this memorandum, Koya University has signed the second one with another American university and thus we can do collaborative work and conduct shared academic research projects.

On the same day, the Koya University delegation had an hour meeting with Professor Joseph D. Smith.

One of the participants and speakers of the Oil and Gas Conference at Koya University is a professor from the Missouri University of Science and Technology

Professor Joseph D. Smith is an expert in the chemical engineering and a speaker at the conference of environmental effects of oil and gas industry: Kurdistan Region has been chosen as an example. The conference will be hold by the Faculty of Engineering of Koya University and Missouri University of Science and Technology. For more information click here.

Professor Smith has a considerable experience with oil and gas and he has already worked on similar research projects in both China and Pakistan.

In the same meeting, several ideas and key point were discussed so that both Koya University and Missouri University of Science and Technology do collaborative work especially between the two departments of Chemical Engineering of both universities.

On the 2nd of March, the Koya University delegation arrived in Chicago with the guidance of Dr Mithani Alduhan and they meet Mr Kurt Vanden Bussche the director of Research and development in the Company of Universal of Petroleum (UoP). This company has its own offices and projects in several countries such as UAE/ Dubai, China/ Shanghai, and some other countries. After a thorough discussion with Mr. Kurt Vanden Bussche, he decided to register his company to participate in the conference that our university is to hold next April. 


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