Dr. Weli Mahmud Inaugurates as New President of Koya University

In a special ceremony held on Tuesday January, 27, 2015, at 10: 00 a.m. at the Koya University Presidency Hall, and in the presence of Dr. Yousif Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the accompanying delegation, the former president of  Koya University, Dr. Sa'eed Salih and his vice presidents, the deans of the faculties, the staff, teachers, and students of the university and the government's and parties' representatives, in addition to other personalities from Koya, Dr. Weli Mahmud was inaugurated as the new president of Koya University.


Opening the ceremony, Dr. Saeed Salih, the former president of Koya University stated, "Since its establishment, our university has been continuously developing and day after day our responsibility is increasing." He added, "Our university has been ranked the fourth in Kurdistan and this has been achieved through lots of efforts and hard work. I hope that the new president will continue to enhance the level and role of the university."  He then thanked all the staff and teachers for their efforts to keep the university running during the last six months.  He also congratulated Dr. Wali Mahmud for assuming his new post and wished him all the best.

Later Dr. Yousif Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in a statement referring to Koya said, "Koya is one of the living towns of Kurdistan, and this university was opened here on this basis, and this academic centre has an important role in enhancing the intellectual and scientific process, a process which started 200 years ago." 

He further stated "Koya University has obtained its present level as a result of hard work. I thank all who have contributed to the academic development of this university." "Dr. Wali Mahmud has undertaken a very hard task; however, we are confident of his abilities and competence to manage it, and we, as the Ministry of Higher Education, support the academic and financial independence of the university. We hope that he will be successful in his future responsibility as the new president of the university," He concluded.

Following this, Dr. Wali Mahmud presented his inaugural address saying, "Dear guests, today your attendance made me feel indebted to you. Congratulations to you on Kobane's liberation, I would like to congratulate the whole Kurdish people on this historic event." He further said, "I consider assuming this responsibility as a task rather than a post, and I will do my best to fulfil my promise to you to work hard, and from now onwards we will work as one team in order to make great achievements for Koya University in all fields." 

Later he discussed the problems and constraints that hinder the process of higher education in Kurdistan and said, "We want to tackle these problems and remove the obstacles placed in the path of the development and advancement of the scientific and educational process in Kurdistan." 

In the end, he asked the support of the Minister of Higher Education, the Ministry Council and the representatives of the universities in the council in order to be able to successfully manage his new task.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Sa'eed Salih handed over the Koya University Logo to Dr. Wali Mahmud as the new president of Koya University.

The ceremony ended with the attendants giving their congratulatory greetings and flower bouquets to the new president and wishing him all success in his new post.


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