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SCIMAGO University Rankings Announces its 2022 Edition, KOU is listed for the First Time

SCIMAGO Institutions RankingsSCIMAGO Institution Ranking announned the SCIMAGO University Ranking Edition-2022. For the first time, Koya University is listed in this important ranking. Only (40) Iraqi Universities have been listed in this ranking. Koya University has been ranked (9) among the Public IKR Universities, (25) among the Iraqi universities and (745) among the worldwide Universities. The best Quartile of Koya University according to SCIMAGO University Ranking is Q2.

Koya University Attended the 10 Years Anniversary of the DAAD Iraq

KOU; DAADOn March 30, 2022, The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Iraq celebrated the 10 Years Anniversary of its establishment in Erbil. The event was attended by a number of guests from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, KRG and the academic institutions in the region. The Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H.S. Zangana, attended this celebration and representing Koya University.

FSCH at KOU Held a Workshop on “Advantages and Disadvantages of COVID Vaccine”

Vaccines, which are mostly biological products, save millions of lives each year, as they are designed to prevent disease, rather than treat it by priming a person’s immune system to recognize a specific disease-causing bacteria, virus or other pathogens.  Therefore, we need to know what exactly is a vaccine and what goes into making one? And how do we know whether they are safe, or not? In this workshop, which was held by the department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Health, at Koya university on the 3rd of March, 2022, every aspect of vaccines and why they are important for our health including their advantages and disadvantages were explained.

InCite WoS Announced a New Citation Ranking; All Years and the Last 5 Years

Clarivate AnalyticsIncites WoS announced its latest report for the universities' number of published indexed documents and number of citations. The WoS Citations report ranked Koya University as the 7th among the public universities in Kurdistan-Iraq region. According to the report, it has 417 published documents that indexed by WoS and 2081 citations by indexed sources.

Click on "Read more" to see the full ranking list.

Malay Gewre Research Center Participated in a Joint Forum with the Iraqi Center for Documenting Extremist Crimes in Karbala

On Monday (March 28, 2022), the Iraqi Center for Documentation of Extremist Crimes in cooperation with the Malay Gewre Research Center at Koya University, held the first specialized forum entitled (Documenting Extremist Crimes in Iraq: Its Methods, Mechanisms, and Challenges) with the participation of many religious figures and academy. Prof. Dr. Hoshyar Zaki Hassan, the Director of Malay Gewre Research Center, gave the speech to the preparatory committee for the forum, after which the research sessions were opened. 

IRAQI-DAAD Alumni had a Meeting in Erbil

DAAD Alumni in ErbilPromoting the bilateral academic relations between Iraqi and German universities coming as the foremost priority to Koya University organs. Recognizing the importance of creating such a bridge, the Director of Career Services (DCS) at Koya University (Dr.-Ing. Rastee D. Ali) has proposed the first of its kind meeting for the Iraqis who have been studying in Germany and supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Erbil.

FENG Organized its 1st International Symposium in Engineering Research

Faculty of Engineering; Koya UniversityThe Faculty of Engineering (FENG) at Koya University organized its 1st National Symposium in Engineering Research. This national symposium was held at the building of the Faculty of Engineering, where the opening ceremony started at 10:00 AM on 28th March 2022. Nine researchers from the Faculty of Engineering were presented their latest published paper that have the top WoS-IF among the FENG academic staffs' publications in the year 2021. The symposium had two presentation sessions with a coffee-break in between.

A Professor in the DSWE at KOU Published Two Research Papers in Journals Indexed by WoS-Clarivate Analytics

Professor Dr. Salah I. Yahya, working in the Department of Software Engineering at Koya University, published two research papers in the Electronics journal and the Neural Computing and Applications journal. The two research papers' works were achived in collaboration with other researchers from (1) Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran, (2) Kermanshah University of Technology, Kermanshah, Iran and (3) Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran, and (4) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. The first journal is published by MDPI and indexed by Calrivate Analytics (Wos: IF = 2.397, Q2), whereas the second journal is published by Springer and indexed by Calrivate Analytics (Wos: IF = 5.606, Q1),

Koya University with Cihan University-Sulaimani Held a Joint Workshop

The Department of Architectural Engineering at Koya University and the Department of Architectural Engineering at Cihan University-Sulaimani held a joint workshop entitled "Issues in Contemporary Architectural Education." The workshop was held during the period of 2nd-3rd March 2022. This workshop was a scientific gathering that brought experts from the two universities to discuss wide range of architectural education issues. In addition to discussing the difficulties associated with architectural learning, it aimed to answer questions about innovative pedagogy and new techniques used in architectural education that are beneficial to both teachers and students.


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